Warren Beatty retained rights to "Dick Tracy" by satisfying requirements of reversion clause

Warren Beatty still owns the rights to the "Dick Tracy" character, a federal District Court has held. Beatty bought those rights years ago from Tribune Media and used them to produce and star in the movie "Dick Tracy." The Beatty-Tribune agreement provided that the rights would revert to Tribune, unless the actor (who is Annette Bening's husband) began principal photography on another movie or TV program using the character, within a specified period of time. According to the court, Beatty satisfied that requirement, and thus the rights did not revert to Tribune. The court's dedecision is noted (and linked to) by Jonathan Zavin in Loeb & Loeb's IP/Entertainment Law Weekly; and its significance to others is commented on by Bob Tarantino in Heenan Blaikie's Entertainment & Media Law Signal.