UK developments: TV product placement; sports

In a post titled Ofcom Launches New Product Placement Logo, SNR Denton, in London, notes that Ofcom - the UK communications office - has just permitted, for the first time, product placements in UK-produced television programs.

Scotland's Morton Fraser has published the latest edition of its Sports E-Bulletin, featuring these articles:
  • Yellow Card or Just a Quiet Warning?
  • Liability for Sporting Injuries Sustained on the Field of Play - What's the Score?
  • How Scotland's "Right to Roam" Legislation Affects Sports Clubs
  • The Bribery Act 2010 Arrives At a Time When Bribery in Sport is Already in the Spotlight: What Impact will it have for Clubs?
  • Do Extreme Sports Come With Extreme Liability?
  • Around the Courts...