Music festivals and the law

Summer is just over the horizon, and when summer arrives, music festivals do too. To the uninitiated, festivals may seem less formal than headliner-focused concerts. And less formality means that lawyers have less to think about . . . or do they? Actually, music festivals require a lot of legal planning, as San Francisco lawyer Richard Idell explains in an article titled simply Venues: Festivals that appeared in Live Entertainment: An International Handbook - a publication of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers for its annual MIDEM program in January 2011. From the article's conclusion:
The production of a multi-day festival has many moving parts. From the point of view of the lawyer handling the legal work, the process involves numerous legal disciplines including real estate issues, license/lease arrangements, governmental entitlement and permitting, environmental clearance and compliance, governmental regulation, such as sound ordinances, allocation of risk through insurance and indemnity, copyright, trademark, right of publicity, trade secrets and personal injury defense as well as traditional contract drafting, negotiation and administration.