Workers comp for pro athletes; criticism of Bowl Championship Series

Arent Fox has posted three articles of interest to sports lawyers (and law students looking for seminar or law review topics):
  • Professional Sports: Which Rules Apply When the Action Moves to the Courtroom?, by Stewart Manela, is a good introduction to the question of whether professional athletes are entitled to workers compensation benefits under state law. That question has produced a lot of litigation. (For published opinions on the topic, search for "workers compensation" in the Back Issues: 1978-2007 section of this website.)
  • The Truth About the BCS and The BCS’ 22 Tall Tales, both by Alan Fishel, criticize the Bowl Championship Series' methods for determining the college football national champion. As Fishel discloses up-front, Arent Fox represents the Mountain West Conference and Boise State University which have a beef with BCS (for reasons that are well-understood by those who follow college football more closely than I). In other words, these two articles are advocacy pieces and are intended to suggest that the BCS violates federal antitrust law.