Domain name seizures; defamation injunction; Ohio sales tax on DirectTV

  • Terry Hart rebuts criticisms of the government's recent seizures of domain names that were being used to distribute counterfeit and infringing copies of copyrighted goods. The latest criticism focused on the warrant that authorized a seizure. But in a Copyhype post titled Domain Name Seizure Warrant and Probable Cause, Hart reviews Supreme Court decisions concerning the issuance of warrants, and explains why a "legal challenge to [the criticized] warrant would not likely be successful."
  • In his Internet Cases blog, Evan Brown reports on a recent Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision that held that an injunction that had ordered the defendants to remove defamatory content from the website to which it had been posted could not be enforced against the website itself, because the plaintiffs had not shown that the website had participated in the posting.
  • Media Law Prof Blog notes (and links to) a decision of the Ohio Supreme Court which upheld the constitutionality of a state statute that imposes sales tax on satellite TV service but not on cable TV service. The court's website includes an audio recording of the oral argument in the case, which was filed by DirecTV.