Art and law

The latest issue of Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler's art law publication The Legal Canvas features these articles by Hugh Freund, Jo Laird and John Sare:

  • Under What Circumstances Does a Copy Become an Original?
  • Market Thoughts
  • Defending Fair Use Against Technological Blocks
  • Art Meets Commercialism Meets Lawsuit: Blurring the Line Between Art and Merchandise Can Be Perilous
  • The Changing Face of Artist's Resale Royalties
  • In Fisk Litigation, Court's Solomonic Decision Proves Controversial
  • Quick Updates: Joe Simon-Whelan Drops Antitrust Suit Against Warhol Foundation; NYPMIFA - New York's New Rules for Investment Management and Endowment Spending
  • New York Sales Tax: Risks for Limited Partners and Members of LLC's